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Why Buy?

There are many reasons to invest in precious metals and rare coins. These investments offer tremendous opportunity for effective wealth management and portfolio growth. If you’re looking to increase wealth or protect your hard-earned assets with Gold, Silver, and Bullion, you’ve come to the right place. Liberty Coin Gallery puts tangible Precious Metal assets in your hands. Assets that no human being can create, inflate or diminish. We help you understand what you’re buying, answer your questions truthfully, and keep prices transparent and fair.

Diversity With Gold

Investment advisors universally recommend portfolio diversification for effective wealth management and long-term financial performance. Precious metals and rare coins are excellent portfolio diversifiers, because they perform independently from the stock market. That is why we strongly recommend an asset allocation of up to 20% of your overall financial portfolio to precious metals and rare coins.
Gold in particular is among the most negatively correlated assets to stocks — when stocks go down, gold prices go up. Gold also serves as a hedge against currency devaluation. While the typical investor begins with a conservative short-term gold bullion investment, most eventually step up to more aggressive gold holdings with higher long-term profit potential.

Grow & Protect Your Wealth

More financial analysts are urging investors to make precious metals and rare coins part of their asset allocation strategy. From offering a hedge against traditional investments to holding permanent intrinsic value and more, these tangible assets offer unique qualities that are essential to every investment plan

Broad Range of Asset Options

Precious metals and numismatic rarities continue to become widely accepted tools for asset allocation and wealth management. As a result, several vehicles have emerged for investors to capitalize on these tangible assets and incorporate them into their investment plan.

With decades of experience personally helping clients diversify their portfolios through alternative investments, Blanchard stands uniquely qualified to help you understand and wisely select the right investment options for your needs.