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$2.5 Quarter Eagle

$2.5 Quarter Eagle

One of the greatest sectors of the numismatic market today is the famed Quarter Eagle or $2.5 Gold. Quarter Eagles are a rare coin and there premiums are largely based on their numismatic value and not their melt value. Making it a favorite for buyers with large gold interests.

This is a very exciting area of the market and there is always large demand. There are many ways to build sets in the Quarter Eagle sector making it a great place for the collector and the Investor. With many Key Date, and rare mint mark issues, Liberty Coin Gallery highly recommends the addition of Quarter Eagles to your buying strategy.

With only 12 examples in the entire series it has become arguably the easiest series of Pre-33 gold coins to complete. Building a complete series of Indian Head Quarter Eagles can be accomplished in a range of different grades from AU to Mint State 65 with relative ease. Buying at the right price is where Liberty Coin Gallery can help you. Key date coins like the 1911-D, 1914, and 1914-D are highly sought after by investors because of large premiums and performance track records. More affordably short sets are a common trend in the industry. 1925-D to 1929 is the back half of the series better known as the "Short Set". These are the most common dates and can be competitively purchased in Choice and Gem grades.

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