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What kind of gold should I buy?

We probably get that question more than any other. The answer, however, is not as straightforward as you might think. What you buy depends upon your goals. If your goal is simply to hedge financial uncertainty and/or capitalize on price movement, then contemporary bullion coins will serve your purposes. Those concerned with the possibility of capital controls and confiscation often include pre-1933 gold coins in their planning. Both contemporary bullion coins and pre-1933 gold coins trade at modest premiums over their gold melt value, track the gold price, and enjoy good liquidity internationally.

Why not wait for the necessity to arise, then buy gold?

Over the past few years, as concern about a financial and economic breakdown spread, there were periods of gold coin bottlenecks and actual shortages. The national mints could not keep up with public demand, and the flow of older gold from Europe was stymied by accelerating demand both there and in the United States. Premiums shot-up and a mad scramble developed for the available gold.

During times when demand for gold is booming, you cannot call the warehouse and order gold coins like you can most other consumer items. Even running at full capacity, the manufacturers (the national mints) cannot keep up with demand surges like the one we had in 2008 - 2009. In the case of the older coins coming from Europe, the supply simply dries up.

What percentage of my assets should I invest in gold?

A general rule of thumb is 10% to 30%, your broker at Liberty can help you make the decision. How high you go between 10% and 30% depends upon how concerned you are about the current economic, financial and political situation.

Who should I buy from?

A solid, professional gold firm can go a long way in helping the investor shortcut the learning curve. A good gold firm can help you avoid some the problems and pitfalls encountered along the way, and provide some direction.

Check the Better Business Bureau's profile on a company before you do business with them. Check not only the rating but the number of complaints and how those complaints were handled. Choose a gold firm that has a solid track record. Also, choose a firm with a commitment to keeping you informed, i.e., one that is interested in answering your questions now and keeping you informed in the future.

What to do?

Protect yourself and buy some gold and silver. But since these markets have already moved strongly over the past couple of years, it would be normal to be cautious. Your best bet, therefore, would be to average into these markets. Buy a little now, and buy more over the next few months.

You can buy your physical gold and silver from us. When you take delivery, keep your metals stored in a safe place.